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KCCI 1st Quarterly Newsletter:  January – March 2017


Highlights of the month!

1.        Christmas Trade Fair Evaluation Meeting

2.        Easter Trade Fair 2017

3.        Local Meetings & Workshops

4.        AGM 2017 Update

5.        KCCI Update


1.        Christmas Trade Fair Evaluation Meeting 10/01 & 19/01/17

On those dated above was the date in which the Evaluation of the Christmas Trade Fair (XTF 2016) was held.

Above all the issues the security services was the main focused that needs to be improved more in the area in terms of coverage to special sales and parking area.  

2.        Easter Trade Fair Update

Several of Meetings has already been undertaken since early of February as a preparatory to the upcoming Easter Trade Fair that will be started on 27/03 – 08/04/2017. This will be an on-going weekly meeting scheduled on every Tuesday at 10:00am in office.

The updates will be disseminated as soon as possible once further notice raised to be considered and endorsed from your end if required.

Furthermore, The Easter Trade Fair was opened by Honorable Minister Mr Ruateki Tekaiara from Ministry of Labour (MLHRD) followed with some activities of the event.

This year’s event was successful with the number of indoor and outdoor booth occupied was 80 in total. However booth is usually less during Easter Trade Fair but at least it was good and quite profitable not compared with other two events of the year that has interesting and more profitable with high booths occupied. Throughout the events there are several awareness that had conducted successfully from different relevant stakeholders to name a few; MCIC, MLHRD, KPF, MELAD, etc. This was not new and this is regarded as a good opportunity to perform such awareness based on the relevant services needed by consumers, this is one way or another of expanding and clarifications more on the services that are considered useful and need to be known by the business and the public at large. The turned out on these activities was great and realistic.

3.        Local Meetings & Workshops update

Tourism Development Taskforce meeting, 07/02/17 @ 10am, MICTTD

Tourism was one of the priority sectors as you know which encouraged the collaborative efforts from different stakeholders to help develop tourism in Kiribati.  However KCCI had invited and joined the taskforce as well for your information.

The 1st meeting content includes; brief background of the taskforce and presentation and overview of the Tourism in Kiribati. KCCI will keep you updated on this situation. Stay tuned.

Apprenticeship Advisory Board Meeting No.1 09/02/17 KIT Boardroom

This is a high level meeting with most of the Secretaries from Government Ministries represented in this state. Stakeholders are PSO, MOE, MPWU, General Secretary KCCI and Principal KIT. Their role and responsibilities includes of undertaking decision, endorsing whom to be sponsored, reviewing student attendant records, recommendations and providing advisories based on the capabilities and performances of KIT student who were in the Trade Field such as; Automotive, Carpentry and Electrical field. Other full time trainings like Business and Accounting are to be also included and considered later under this process. The meeting could be held several times per annum and it is a normal on-going meetings.

For further clarification please contact us in our usual contact details.

Mother Committee Meeting; 53rd Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) Ministerial Meeting 13/02/17

It is come to time that the APCC Ministerial Meeting is going to be carried out in Kiribati latter this year. This is a very brand new event to the country, however MCIC had already formalized the mother committee who’s now making plans/preparations for this important upcoming event that due to be held sometimes in October.

There are three (3) sub committees had been established with the active and separate responsibilities in the area such as; Logistics & Protocol, Publication & Program, Fundraising and Site. KCCI represented at each sub-committees. Moreover, KCCI was tasked in the provision of several anti-craft and local producers with the recommended products made from coconut tree. These products will be a buy and sell and it’s a free invitation to all those who feel interested to attend this. You could reach us on our usual contact details.

This is an on-going meeting and will keep you updated any progress in this regards.

Ant-Corruption Meeting, PSO Boardroom 20/02/17 at 10am

The purpose of the committees meeting is to make further progress on the development of Anti-Corruption strategy

There was a second meeting held later with the outcome was made final that the Anti-Corruption retreat was to be carried out and this occasion was done successfully over the weekend from 25th – 27/05 at the Tabon Tekeke Resort, Buota. Several of presentations made from different stakeholders and Mr Ierevita Biriti (CEO) was representing KCCI in this occasion as well. Contact us for more information on 26351 or usual emails.

Kamwengaraoi Steering Committee Meeting for 2017, 15/02/17 @ 5pm, Bungalow

This committee was one of the important with it major responsibility is to rest assured that the projects of sanitization and implementation of toilets is under construction. This would encourage and assist in creating more accessible and convenient toilet that could be used by anyone or the people at large. On the other hand this would also assist to the cleanliness of the beach as people used it as their toilet.

Members include Head of churches, Secretaries from OB and MELAD, NGOs and KCCI for your information.

Decent Work Advisory Board Meeting DWAB

This is also a high level meeting which represented by Mrs Taoing Taoaba (KCCI V/President). Better opportunities could be tapped or issues be executed in this meeting for further settlement to a more satisfactory and advisory on any basic issues arose at each different interest and constraints in relation with the business development.

For more information please contact us on our known contact details and emails.

Workshop for the finalization of the NAP (National Action Programme) to combat land Degradation and mitigate the effects of Drought.

The workshop was held at the KUC’s H/Quarter Conference room in Antebuka and was facilitated by one of the regional consultant who was in country for this regard.

The purpose of the workshop is to refine the information gathered from the interviews and establish the priorities, vision, mission, objectives, targets, key activities and the coordination, financing and monitoring arrangements for the aligned NAP.

The expected outcome of the workshop is that the National Stakeholders were be able to; consult on the information required for the four main sections of the aligned NAP; refine the information gathered from the individual stakeholders interviews; and other objectives that were made from previous workshops and meetings that are relevant and contributed to this formulation of the NAP.

For more clarification please contact KCCI office on phone 26351 or via email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Consultation Workshop & Meetings on PIDF (Pacific Island Development Forum Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020) 22nd – 23rd March.

Officials from this regard were here to consult PIDF Strategic Plan before come to operational. They arrived on 20th march and had several meetings with relevant stakeholders prior to the workshop. On the 21st march they visited and met KCCI CEO as a further introductory session prior to workshop.

Further clarification on this regard please feel free to contact KCCI office on 26351 or via email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Tier 2 Projects/Aid for Trade Workshop 23/03/17 @ 09am, KIT

The workshop was made one day and hosted by MCIC with the purpose of consulting and implementing the Tier 2 Aid for Trade Projects. These projects are designed to assist countries address supply-side constraints associated with trade and help producers/traders access both external and domestics markets.

These projects typically focus on four areas i.e. trade policy regulations; building productive capacity; economic infrastructure and trade-related adjustment. This workshop is part of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) capacity building project. The objective of the EIF is to use trade as a contributor to poverty alleviation and human resource development.

The Workshop has three main objectives: introduce the concept of Aid for Trade with practical examples; review the EIF Tier 2 project proposal template; and identify and prioritise potential Aid for Trade project.

Please feel free to contact KCCI Office on 26351 or via email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


 4.    AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held annually at the end of February which also marked the end of the KCCI financial year.

However, the event was officially opened by the KCCI President with almost 30 participant members presented in this meeting. Moreover, the President had conveyed appreciations and very thankful for the efforts and contributions gained from members for last year.

PIDF (Pacific Island Development Forum) Workshop 22 – 23/03/17

The two (2) day workshop was held in Antebuka at the RAK on the date mentioned with the objective is to visit member countries of the Pacific Island Development Forum and to share with them the work-plan based on the strategic plan that has been agreed to by Forum Leader countries during the summit in the Solomon last year.

The workplan was quite interesting for  it was inclusive for all; i.e Private Sector, Civil Society, and Government are included in the plan and that is focus was more less in supporting climate change and how best development can be achieved with the utilization of green and clean environment given the recent COP 22 which state the need for reduction in carbon emission.

For clarification please do not hesitate to contact us on our usual contact details.


5.    KCCI Updates

 There were two (2) ILO (International Labour Organisation) delegate followed by a MLHRD official visited KCCI on the 14/03/17 to update further on the OH&S policy and how it is performed regionally and internationally. For more clarification please do not hesitated to contact this office.