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Mauri to KCCI new website


This website is designed under a focus of enabling all businesses in Kiribati to link and access to KCCI online, and secondary to enable all interested people or organizations from around the globe to access to KCCI or direct to its members.

KCCI (originally known as KCC) is a self accounting, independent non profit organization established in the late 1970s by few local businessmen/women to become their mouthpiece to Government, Consumers and other Stakeholders of areas of their interest.  Given critical circumstances in those years, the organization was up and down until early 2000 when it resumed its strength.  Since then KCCI became more well established in terms of having its own Constitution and having its office which was provided by Government through Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives.

Now KCCI is recognized and registered as the;

1.  National Private Sector Organization (NPSO) by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism and affiliated to the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) based in Fiji,

2.  National Employers Organization with the Ministry of Labor & Human Resources Development and affiliated to the International Organization of Employers (IOE) based in Geneva, Switzerland.

3.  A Agent or local focal contact of New Zealand Business Mentoring Program.

4.  Under process to become member of the International Chamber of Commerce, based in Germany.

Since February 2012 Annual General Meeting, the new office bearers took office for two years;

President            -  Mr.  Tekeeua Tarati

Vice President     -  Mrs. Timota Taniera

Secretary           -  Mrs.  Katarina Tofinga

Treasurer           -  Mr.  David Collins

KCCI office is full time manned by two secretarial staff plus one part time worker who is a Coordinator of the NZ Business mentoring program.