Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industries
P.O Box 550, Betio, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
Tel: (686)26351, Fax: (686)26351.                                                                                                              

Executive Committee





Mr. Tamaroa TeebakiPresident

Managing Director - Tamaroa Business Advisory and Accounting Services


Tamaroa Business |Advisory and Accounting Services has been operating since 2008 after Tamaroa quitted his highly paid jobs at some SOEs and private firms. Tamaroa is a member of The Institute of Internal Auditor NZ and an Accredited Consultant for Reckon Accounting Software NZ. Prior to his new role, he has been sit as a Treasurer for the last two years. On the other hand, he is also a Certified National Business Trainer from the International Labor Organization (ILO). He is currently providing accounting including Quick Books, auditing and business training to individuals, small and medium size business and state owned enterprises. Tamaroa is not new to KCCI, he serves now his term as Director and as President under different presidencies. His financial literate has helped the secretariat team to learn more in accounting and bookkeeping roles.





Mrs. Taoing Taoba – Vice President

Managing Director – TA Law Firm

 A lawyer by profession, Mrs Taoing including her husband Mr Aomoro runs their own legal firm and is one of the highly recognized private law firms in the country. However, Mrs Taoing is very new to sit as Board Director to the KCCI Executives. Prior to her appointment she had seen supportive to any of KCCI activities and functions given her membership are very strong for the last passed years. She is also advocating and advising the Executive on issues where legal opinion is sought given the existence of her career as Private Legal Advocator.





Martin Tofinga - Secretary

Managing Director - Mauri Konsult Agency

Former President of KCCI (2008 – 2012), Martin currently acts as a private consultant specialising on project development and management. Martin was a founding member of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) and is a long term advocate for the private sector development. He has held senior position within the Minstry of Commerce and Trade before he entered politics. During his last term political career he has been appointed Minister of Commerce and Minster of Lands in the first term of Tong’s government. Again in 2011 – 2015 he re-entered politics where he represented Betio MP to Parliament. During his political career he voiced issues from KCCI and the business community in the Parliament and in late 2013, he moved the new bill, KCCI Bill 2013 which was passed and became KCCI Act in 2014.




 Mrs. Rakeiti Mackenzie – Treasurer

Managing Director – Erakeitina Food & Catering Services

Rakeiti is one of the business woman recognized with her business as Catering & Restaurant. Prior to her selection as Treasurer she was sit as a Vice President in 2015, she has been actively involved with the Chamber a lot since her appointment take place. She is a hard working lady and had brought in new ideas and values to the Chamber, however with her next two year appointment she will serve the chamber to the best as she could under her capacity as Treasurer.

Erakeitina Food/Catering Services provide caters to any official events for instance, workshops, party, meetings and so forth. Her business is located in Teaoraereke, Tarawa at the back of USP campus where she staying with her family.




Mr. Tekeeua Tarati - Ex Official Director

Managing Director - Triple Tee Enterprises (TTT) 

Tekeeua is a former President (2012 – 2015). Prior to that he has held the position of Secretary and Vice President in the previous KCCI Boards. After quitting his senior level position at the civil services/SOEs, he started up his Triple Tee Enterprises in 2005 from scratch. The company now has branches all over Tarawa and as well as in Christmas Island with more than 100 staff. It operates in various sectors, including hardware, retail, joinery, construction, trading, real estate and hospitality/hotel business. Tekeeua brings to the Chamber years of experience, knowledge and understanding of how to handle business and culture at the same time. He is enthusiastic to see the private sector in Kiribati develop and prosper and always open to provide advice and guidance to new or existing businesses.

Tekeeua also sits as Board Director, Vice Chairman in various State Owned Enterprises, Government committees etc…



Takaio Tarati – Director for IT & Publication

Managing Director - Tarawa Boutique Hotel (TBH) 

Mr Takaio is an Information Technology (IT) and a Managing Director of the Tarawa Boutique Hotel (TBH) located in Bairiki, Tarawa. He currently held Director’s position as IT Publication Adviser to the KCCI Executives. He is willing to bring knowledge and assistance in to KCCI where needed in the field related with Information Technologies. Despite his newest to the Board he would try his very best for the next two (2) years ahead and to help members at large as well. Mr Takaio’s capability as young man also showed great contribution to the youth entrepreneurship development in the country.  



Tebeua Tareeti – Director for Youth & Women In Business

Managing Director - Tebeua Raibow                  

Mrs Tebeua currently held a Director position as Women and Youth in Business within the KCCI Executives. She had so much good as representing youth in business development and promotions. Prior to her appointment, Mrs Tareeti is an active young business woman ever since she completed from college and had proven her skills very well given the improvement and successes of her business over the struggling passed years. As such, her capabilities had seen very supportive and knowledgeable to develop and promote youth in business development in the country.





Mr. Peter Edward – Chairman, KCCI Branch, Christmas Island

Director – Skylight Enterprises


Peter is one of the long stay inhabitants on Christmas Island. He is one of a successful businessman on Christmas Island and has successfully passed his skill and expertise to his children who are now running a wide range of businesses on the island. Peter after elected Chairman for KCCI Working Committee on Christmas Island, he worked so hard trying to boost membership and try to establish a good business network on the island as it happens now in Tarawa. Peter likes working on foreign going boat and at his spare time he works on the Hawaii/Christmas Island boat FV Kwai.