Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industries
P.O Box 550, Betio, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
Tel: (686)26351, Fax: (686)26351.                                                                                                              

Our Services

KCCI is a non lending institution thus unable to offer loans to its members but its only assists its members to grow by advocating on areas they need.  Should KCCI could not able to address some cases, the matter is brought to the attention of Government or regional and international organization for consultations.

KCCI conducts bi-annual trade fairs and business promotions to help its members boost their sales and showcase their products and services whilst on the other hand to develop a good link to the general public.  With the success events on Tarawa, the capital, KCCI intends to extend these events to Kiritimati Island and some populated islands subject to funding availability.

KCCI continues to receive possible funding opportunities by PIPSO namely Business Development Fund (BDF), some funded short training opportunities from Government Public Service Office (PSO) plus other sources for the benefit of its members.  Members are urged to liaise with KCCI fior full details of these opportunities.

KCCI sits in many local Boards, Committees and Commissions.  This enable KCCI to submit the issues and concerns from its members for consultations at the national, regional and international level.  Given the nature of each issue there are KCCI issues which had been resolved and many are still on the table for further study and action.